Unique Selling Point of Laos Destination

If you feel bored with the bustling city and the life with lots of pressure, Laos is good idea for somewhere to escape and hide yourself. Early wake up at your hotel or hostel, walk on the street, take a Tuk Tuk to the heart city center of Luang Prabang town, watching Aims giving monk ceremony is magnificent and peaceful experience you don’t want to miss it. After that, take few steps to the nearby morning local market to witness the cutest stuffs in the world. Even the local market, almost sellers “decorate” their stuffs nicely (vegetables, insects, some kinds of nut, …). For more relaxing activities, we can drink a bottle of Laos beer at the riverside restaurant on the bank of river or enjoy amazing cruise trip through Mekong delta on the river and immerse yourself on the peace of this nature here.

One more important thing, shouldn’t miss to try the local food in the local market provided by the local, it is really fantastic with distinct flavor which attract all tourists even from the neighbor countries.

Luang Prabang – UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1995

Surrounded by mountains and at 700 meters above sea level, Luang Prabang is the royal capital of Laos and the most wanted city in the world. It is offering the heritage site of the ancient town and right after entering this town, you can touch the true peace you never felt before. Sometimes, you feel you are in the forgotten town in the world which is not affected by the modern civilization, all local community will say “Good night” to you at 22:00 and witness Night market closed at the same time. Yes, the local called them Night Market but it is not really Night Market when closing at 22:00.

Until nowadays, a collection of golden-roofed temples, wooden traditional houses, and French provincial buildings are the main highlights to attract the worldwide tourists.

At sunset, sipping a bottle of Laos beer at the local riverside restaurant on the bank of Mekong river – running through Laos mainland – is an amazing experience.


Travelling to Vientiane, you will find out that you are visiting a secret garden of giant Buddha statues as the temples and pagodas and stupa are everywhere in this bustling city. It looks like the contrary painting, the outside is the busiest city with the crowd of people on the street while inside the religious architecture, you can keep your mind calm and tranquil like the water.

If monk alms giving ceremony is “the specialty” of Luang Prabang, That Luang Great stupa is the official symbol of Vientiane – the most sacred beautiful monument in Lao style

Vang Vieng

This city is encircled by Nam Song river, located in central Laos with 4-hour bus drive from Vientiane or Luang Prabang. It is offering the dramatic karst limestone mountains and evergreen landscapes. The main road is filled with many small guest houses, tiny bars, local food stores, wifi cafes, travel desks, and tourists. This city is suitable for the young and the backpackers’ ideal choice.

Depending on its sightseeing and geography values, it is available to organize some various sporty activities such as Rock climbing, Kayaking, River tubing, Trekking in jungle, etc…

Xieng Khuang

Xieng Khuang will have nothing special if without The Plain of Jars. It is a huge area located in the town of Phonsavan, where huge jars of unexplained and very secret origin are dotted around the landscape with several hundred jars in total. Each of them is different height and diameter from 1 to 3 meters. A study of the Plain of Jars proved that the stone jars are involved in the burial practices for long time ago.


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