About us

Xin Chao!
Thank you for choosing Viet Dan Travel – the most supportive and trusted DMC in Vietnam and Cambodia. We pride ourselves on offering the best available tour packages in the area and have developed a strong reputation for our great packages.
We were founded in 2014 to offer tour packages within Vietnam and Cambodia. I am proud to say that our hard work and dedication has been paying off; we are now recognized as being a fully licensed international inbound tour operator by the Vietnam National Administration of Tourism. We have shown plenty of enthusiasm, responsiveness, adaptability and alongside our experience it has integrated us into the global market and we have developed plenty of trusted partners across the Globe.
I want to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all of the people whom have worked with us so far; this goes to our customers, our team and partners just like you. When founding Viet Dan Travel, my aim was to offer a DMC service that would continuously satisfy customer’s needs, develop business relationships and to nurture those partnerships. I am confident that with our team of hard working individuals we will continue to offer the best available tour packages in Vietnam and Cambodia and will continue to be Vietnam’s trusted DMC.
On a personal note, I am so excited about the future, and where this wonderful journey will take us.

Best Regards
Founder and Managing Director

Our Vision
To be the most supportive and trusted Vietnam and Cambodia DMC

Our Mission
We help SME Outbound Travel Agent increase their business through an excellent Destination Management Solutions that enables them to develop wonderful Vietnam and Cambodia package tours and keep a high level of customer satisfaction.

Why Should You Work With Us?
Trustworthy Partnership
One of our fundamental goals is to create a foundation of great partnerships. Each one of our team members becomes a representative of your company and also has your company’s best interests at heart. In 2017 Viet Dan Travel were honorably nominated for Vietnam’s Leading Destination Management Company (DMC) 2017. This serves as motivation to develop our business relationships even further and to work closely with our partners to create World beating Package Tours.

Clients are never ignored. We have a strong ethos for communication and we will always endeavour to get back to enquiries very fast. Not only that, we aim to turn around quotes for tour packages within 24 hours.

Business Support
Viet Dan Travel believe fully in the importance of business partnerships and relationships and we want our partners to grow alongside us. We want to offer the best package tours in Vietnam and Cambodia and we can only do that with the support of our partners.

In Destination Support
As the Destination Management Company (DMC) for Vietnam and Cambodia we pride ourselves on working with thoughtful and helpful travel companions. Each of our clients experiences are enhanced and are sure to have a memorable trip. Our knowledgeable and friendly consultants can provide the best support on package tours available in Vietnam and surrounding areas.

Shared Values
Viet Dan Travel share a sense of community and conservation with all of our clients, colleagues and partners.

Responsible Travel
Viet Dan Travel are committed to share profits with the local people of our tour packages by using local services and assist them in earning a living from their business. All of our tour guides and colleagues to show respect and consistent behavior towards the local culture and to contribute towards the preservation and promotion of Vietnamese culture.

How to Work With Us?
If you would like to work with Viet Dan Travel, Vietnam’s DMC please contact us via the contact form. Our consultants will aim to return your request within 12 hours.

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