Some Laos Travel Tips

1. Basic sentences in Laos language Almost travelers/tourists will be confused for the first time communication to the local. Thus, it is necessary to learn some basic Laos words when talking...Read more

Some Cambodia Travel Tips

GREETING & INTERACTION WITH CAMBODIANWear appropriate clothes: When entering temples or pagodas, it is must to dress clothes covering your shoulders and trouser with sleeves over your knees...Read more

Top Must-Do-Things In Cambodia

1. Sunrise or Sunset at Angkor Wat – Siem Reap shouldn’t be missed on your bucket list. Why we should do that? As everyone does it and enjoy it very much, however, you need a wake-up call at 5:30...Read more

Some Vietnam travel tips

1. Greeting & Interaction with Vietnamese  If asking the age in Europe is something impolite, especially for the women, in contrary, it is very popular in Vietnam or it is the...Read more