Some Laos Travel Tips

1. Basic sentences in Laos language Almost travelers/tourists will be confused for the first time communication to the local. Thus, it is necessary to learn some basic Laos words when talking...Read more

Some Cambodia Travel Tips

GREETING & INTERACTION WITH CAMBODIANWear appropriate clothes: When entering temples or pagodas, it is must to dress clothes covering your shoulders and trouser with sleeves over your knees...Read more

Top Must-Do-Things In Cambodia

1. Sunrise or Sunset at Angkor Wat – Siem Reap shouldn’t be missed on your bucket list. Why we should do that? As everyone does it and enjoy it very much, however, you need a wake-up call at 5:30...Read more

Some Vietnam travel tips

1. Greeting & Interaction with Vietnamese  If asking the age in Europe is something impolite, especially for the women, in contrary, it is very popular in Vietnam or it is the...Read more

Free Vietnam Travel Information Kit

Whеn thе сhаnсе tо sell Vіеtnаm comes уоur wау, уоu shouldn’t раѕѕ it uр. There’s ѕо much уоu can offer and advise your guests to choose thіѕ beautiful Asian...Read more

Great travel partners in Vietnam

Are you looking for great travel partner in Vietnam? There are lot of excellent Tour Operators here, and We, Viet Dan Travel is one of them. Read more to know why.Trust In Viet...Read more