Responsible Travel

With the aim to practicing responsible travel for a sustainable growth in tourism to all regions in Vietnam, Viet Dan Travel is committed to:
* Partly share profits with the local people by using local services; at the same time, we will encourage them to do responsible travel & earn their living from sustainable business;
* Instruct our guides to practice responsible travel and environmental protection;
* Show respect & consistent behaviour towards local culture;
* Comply with Vietnamese regulations;
* Contribute to the preservation & promotion of Vietnamese culture.

Viet Dan Travel is also proud to be the official member of The Responsible Travel Club of Vietnam – an informal association of different travel agencies, NGOs and individuals dedicated to building, practicing & developing responsible travel for a sustainable growth in tourism to all regions in Vietnam established since 2009.

Better Life Vietnam was initially founded in 2010 by Ms. Nguyen Minh Thinh (Hanoi), and the Walter family (Weiterstadt, Frankfurt, Germany) with the passion to improve the lives of poor people in Vietnam. The founders believe that access to education, healthcare, food, clean water, and a decent quality of life are basic human rights, and under that circumstance, it is important to get started by helping some communities with their most basic needs. Their enthusiasm is contagious, and Better Life Vietnam now includes a growing network of individuals in Vietnam, Europe, and the United States.

Sharing the same philosophy, Viet Dan Travel has joined hands with Better Life Vietnam to help underprivileged children to go to school, as well as to organise tours, activities and travel services to support the charitable team.