Why Going to Laos – Kingdom Of  A Million Elephants?

Why travelling in Laos, you absolutely find out that it is not only the land of a million elephants but also a thousand smiles. When touching the local, you can feel their style is very rustic and less affected by the modern civilization in S.E.A. In fact, the main way of transportation is only on Mekong river.
In reality, almost part of Laos are remote areas with the distinct hill tribe groups (Lao, Thai, Hmong, Dzao), the major sites are just Luang Prabang ancient city, Nam Ou riverside, Vientiane capital city, Xieng khuang – the Plain of Jars.

What are we offering?

  • Cultural Heritage sites
  • Stunning cruise trip on Mekong river run through Thailand to Laos or vice versa
  • Adventure journey from North to South with some various activities such as: Trekking, Zip lines, Tubing, Kayaking, Elephant ride, etc…
  • Unique experiences: Hot balloon, Sky-scooter, Sunset and sunrise as well as Monk Aims Giving Ceremony
  • Nature Lovers: Enjoy a trek through lush forest and explore the many orchids the inexperienced eye may not be able to spot and to identify such as: Phou Khao Khouay National Protected Area or through the amazing jungles in Nam Ha National Bio-Diversity Conservation in Luang Namtha
  • Community Based Tourism to get closer to the hill tribe villages as well as trekking to the remote area you never reach before. Laos is good destination for Community Based Tourism, however, their homestay is not really clean when compared with other countries in Indochine such as Vietnam and Cambodia. However, the hospitality is friendly and awesome.

Our unique products

  • Morning local market tour with cooking class
  • Small-Group Morning Thanksgiving & Market Tour
    Visiting Hill tribe villages
  • Cruise trip on Mekong river from Thailand border to Luang Prabang or vice versa with the unique long boat.

Visa Application
The procession of Laos visa application is getting easier nowadays. Almost countries are available to get Visa on arrival at all international airports (Vientiane, Luang Prabang, Pakse, Savanakhet and international border checking points with the neighboring countries such as Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and China.
The visa valid is for 30 days and may be extended for a further 15 days only through a travel agency in Vientiane. Requested documents for Visa application:
– the visa request form, available before departure
– 1 photo of less than 6 months
– 31 dollars US in cash (this fee is subject to specific nationality: British: 36US$, American: 36US$, Canadian: 43US$, French: 35US$, Sweden: 32US$)

About some sensitive nationalities such as some countries in Africa and Muslim Asian countries, you are required to apply Visa approval letter in advance and not allowed to get Visa on arrival. Some countries in Southeast Asia, Russia, Switzerland, Brazil,… are applied for Visa exemption.
Some notice:
Your Passport must be valid for six months beyond the intended stay with at least 1 empty page for visa stamp.
“Fast Track” service on arrival is available at Vientiane, Luang Prabang and Pakse airport but not official and subject to change without prior notice. Quick visa service at land crossing border is rarely available and unofficial. Please contact with your agent in case you have any request.