About us

Xin chao!

We are Viet Dan Travel, the Trusted Destination Management Company (DMC) in Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia, focused on B2B cooperation with worldwide partners, with an head office in Hanoi a beautiful and charming capital city of Vietnam.

In 2014, Viet Dan Travel has tried our best to improve our services & motivate our people to add up to a comprehensive change. As hard work pays off, we have officially been recognized as a fully-licensed international Inbound Tour Operator by Vietnam National Administration of Tourism.

Despite being in the initial steps, with the enthusiasm, responsiveness, adaptability and extensive experience in the travel industry, Viet Dan Travel has easily integrated into the global market, supplied a lot of compatible & high-quality customised tours & services, and became the trusted partner of many travel agencies worldwide. That fact has truly encouraged us to continue down the same path we started.

In these following pages, you will have a chance to know more about us: our story, what we do, how we can benefit you…. Additionally, you can also understand our mission & values that ensure us to keep on the right track and stay true to what we believe in.

I would also like to take this opportunity to give a big thank you to all the people that have been involved in our journey so far. This goes out to not only our customers & our partners, but also our team. Without the satisfaction of our customers, the continuous support of our partners and the diligence of our strong team, Viet Dan Travel wouldn’t have made our dream become reality.
On a personal note, I am very excited about the future and where this wonderful journey will take us.

Best regards

Founder and Managing Director


Viet Dan Travel was founded to be your trusted travel partner. Our mission is to be a trustful partner, either when you plan to sell outbound tours to Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia in your markets. Or simply, when you need something new, something different and maybe even better than from your current partners. We are here to contribute to your successful business.


+ Trustworthy Partner
In Viet Dan Travel, we prioritize trust as a foundation of great partnerships. Mutual goal- happy returning customers is valued; therefore, our representative will represent partner’s company not just our company and our company interests. Credibility is established and reflected through the way we treat our partner’s customer, since our goal is putting clients’ interest as the top priority. With our effort and trust from partners, Viet Dan Travel has honorably nominated for “Vietnam’s Leading Destination Management Company 2017” at World Travel Award. This recognition serves as motivation for us to develop our business and reaffirm that in Viet Dan Travel quality is guaranteed, and trust is built.

+ Communication
Responsiveness is a crucial element to strengthen trust in Viet Dan Travel. We get back to clients quickly, and even if immediate response is out of reach, we will notice clients the time we can get back. Clients are never ignored. We value fast response time, so accurate quotes are turned around within 24 hours. We always try our utmost to fulfill partners’ request by listening to their expectation and desires along with speedy turnaround as well as concise and precise information.

+ Personal Affinity
Along with partnership, personal rapport with partners’ representatives is of great importance in Viet Dan Travel. We not only treasure professionalism but also personality of people we directly work with. Person-to-person relationship plays an important role in realizing intangible qualities that cannot be expressed on paper. We promote personal affinity as a connection to build intimacy and boost understanding.

+ Business support
Win-win spirit is core value of Viet Dan Travel. We and our partners grow business together. Strong commitment and support are provided when cooperating. We care about partners’ business as much as our business. Partnership with Viet Dan Travel means two- side relationship as both do give and take benefit from each other.

+ In-destination Support
Viet Dan Travel is the trusted DMC (Destination Management Company) in Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia. Our professional consultants are mavens on local destinations as well as thoughtful travel companions. We take proactive steps to help partners when issues posing during the trip to local destinations. Therefore, negative situations are mitigated, and client’s experiences are enhanced. With knowledgeable consultants, we provide thorough information to suggest partners tailor-made itinerary to suit customers’ requirements and boost unique experiences in local destinations.

+ Shared Values
In Viet Dan Travel, with spirit share to be shared, shared values are vital foundation for partnerships. We cherish sense of community and conservation, so “employee- centric” is our strategy. Employees are treated well and ethically, which leads to high employee- retention rate. Moreover, transparency is also our top priority. Price quotes are detailed and precise; hence, our partners can be transparent with their own customers.

+ Responsible Travel
We are committed to partly share profits with the local people by using local services; at the same time, we will encourage them to do responsible travel & earn their living from sustainable business. We will also instruct our guides to practice responsible travel and environmental protection; and to show respect & consistent behaviour towards local culture; to comply with regulations; and to contribute to the preservation & promotion of Vietnamese culture.


Request a quote with your operational specifications via the contact form here. Our consultants will promptly return to you within 12h and process your requirement from A to Z. Instant help will be also provided on any other special request. Our operation team will be in charge of running the whole travel services, and hold responsibility for every detail of the tour. Our customer care team will monitor the follow-up process with 24/7 support to ensure highest customer satisfaction.